pre war and classic car rally

Days on the Road

Pre war car and classic car rally



We’ll start to gather around the breakfast table from 7.30 and during breakfast we can tell more about the day’s driving. Our technical team will be ready should there be any adjustments necessary to your car. We know every bend and bump along the way as well as alternative routes. If you want to adapt the route, we can discuss the best way to suit your wishes.

The “route book” will provide you with a detailed description of the route as well as an abundance of extra information about the environment we’re driving through. This will include history, the local economy, the culture, social structure, and maybe some local gossip.

We will include several nice stop off places every day where we will take our breaks. This could be a panoramic viewpoint or a cute village square. The ‘route book’ also includes a wide variety of places to see. We can help you organize visits: to an unusual church, or a centre for arts & crafts, or a farm, art studio, or a museum.

Our catering team will serve food and drinks at the most idyllic spots along the way. Imagine sitting down to coffee and pastries high in rural /farmland hills, or lunch in an ancient orchard, or drinks in a village square, or supper high in the mountains.

During the drive we will play our competition ‘The GREAT Game’. This will entail one or two ‘regularities’ such as a steep ascent or a test on a local circuit and one or two ‘challenges’. ‘Challenges’ always take place away from your car. Get in touch if you’d like more details about ‘The GREAT Game’. This is our new standard in international rallies with historic cars.

Maybe you’d like a day to yourself to do your own thing? We can suggest alternative routes that are faster or you can just use your gps and meet us at the next hotel.

When you reach the next hotel or lodge, our team will be there to welcome you and to check you in to your rooms quickly.

We will organize late-afternoon drinks followed by dinner in the evening. You can join whenever you like.

We will organize a guide should you wish to visit some villages or a city or head into the mountains – either alone or in a group.

Suzanne is a biologist and she will show you the stunning nature en route whether The Balkans, The Carpathians, The Caucasus or as far as the Altiplano (high plain) of the Andes.

In the evenings there’s always someone available to drive you to a panoramic view or to bring you to a local café.

Carretera Austral


Rest days

Each trip includes several rest days. These breaks allow you to build up strength and give you the opportunity to enjoy and explore the locality. We try to ensure that there are Fitness & Wellness facilities available.

Evening drinks and dinner are planned in for these days also and we are often joined by someone from the locality to tell us more about the surroundings. How do people earn their living here? How does this hamlet compare to the rest of the region and the country in general? What is the social structure of the area and what kind of local traditions are there? How did people live in this village long ago?

You can count on us to help you with whatever you need. We can help you visit local markets or getting to some ‘must see’ spot. There is plenty of time to explore the area and if necessary someone who speaks the language can accompany you. If you prefer to just ‘hang out’ and breathe in the atmosphere, that’s fine too!

During these rest days we will also make sure that there is a garage with good facilties where we can see to it that your car gets a full service.

Herd of sheep in Slovak-Paradise