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Romance and nostalgia

It all started with Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. A book in which several things come together: our passion for travel, our dream of doing a road trip around the world, the romance of travel as it was a hundred years ago, and our love for unusual vehicles and historic cars in particular.

Romance and nostalgia? Yes, for sure! But looking ahead as well, to a future where the things we can only imagine about now will be actually possible. A future of still to be developed technologies, scientific discoveries, encounters with other peoples and cultures, and a more peaceful world.

The past and the future, looking back and looking ahead, romance and passion, dream and action. From these ingredients Jules Verne Experience was born.
Dreamers? Sure that is what we are. However, sometimes out of dreams very beautiful things occur. Things that work. Things that count. The Jules Verne Experience is a great example of that.

Celebrate the Past with an Eye on the Future. That is the motto that we give to our travels. Are you going to dream and travel with us?

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Hein & Suzanne

About us

During the past ten years we have earned our stripes on pre-war and classic car rallies: as participants, as filmmakers, a road trip of 65000 km down through the South American continent, on a road trip on an old Enfield from New Delhi to Amsterdam and nowadays as a high-profile organization of road trips for historic cars.

About Jules Verne Experience

We understand how international rallies should be driven – what they involve and what makes them a success. We know all about the agony, the ecstasy, and the euphoria. Endless pleasure with a hint of madness. We believe that it can and should be done another way. Better, more exciting and more interesting, and at the same time more personal, more enjoyable and more fun. More depth and more content. Driven by these ambitions, Jules Verne Experience has become what it is now: an innovative organization for dream journeys with pre-war and classic cars. Full of adventure and freedom.

“We are proud that we are one of the high-profile organizations for international rallies with historic cars!” Hein de Wit