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Travel in style with Jules Verne

Not a gruelling race, but a rally with a twist, a unique way of travelling, for historic cars and drivers – think of it more as an expedition, with you at the wheel of your own historic car. Although we do not boast 5-star luxury, the experience is worth its weight in gold. Far away from mass tourism, we travel in small, friendly groups allowing for both freedom and adventure. This is a dream come true: driving in your own pre-war or classic car, broadening your horizons and satisfying that lifelong curiosity. Jules Verne is about getting the utmost out of every part of the journey rather than reaching the destination.

It’s about being a traveller rather than a tourist.

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For historic cars and their drivers

With Jules Verne, you drive in your own historic car. We have two categories: 1) pre-war cars & vintage cars (+/- pre 1960) and 2) classic cars (pre 1977). We make this differentiation because the first category drives shorter daily distances. Therefore, for each journey we specify which category it is suitable for.

The group usually consists of 8 to 15 cars, so the size of the travelling party is both safe and manageable. Furthermore, our journeys are planned to allow each driver the freedom and flexibility to drive at their own pace.

You will be among experienced rally and tour drivers, and people who like to live life to the full. We all share dual passions: travel and driving – in historic cars of course.

The logistics, safety and costs of transporting cars to the start depend on the location and amount of participants. There are more details about this elsewhere on our site, but we can organize the transportation of your car.

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Our trips are both in and outside Europe but the routes and destinations are always unusual and we steer clear of tourist traps. We explore remote landscapes which seem untouched by modern life. Our selection is determined by the beauty and challenge of the routes but also by the natural environment and cultural heritage through which we travel. Think Transalpina or the Carretera Austral – combined with the cultural history of Krakau and the desolate landscape of the Altiplano.

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What you can expect

Keep an open mind – expect a truly unique experience, the pure joy of travelling that has almost disappeared in our humdrum 21st century existence. Travel for the sake of travel. Today’s comfort with the atmosphere of bygone years. The daily itineraries will be challenging at 150 to 250 kilometers for pre war car & vintage cars and at 350 to 650 for classic cars. The routes are chosen with great care and we allow plenty of time to complete each daily stage. What you experience along the route is of paramount importance to us. Your encounters: with the landscape, the villages, and the inhabitants. What you see along the route, the scent of flowers and herbs or meat roasting on a spit. The contact with the people and the children who run along beside you greeting you with big smiles on their faces. This is what it’s all about. Venturing away from the mundane and interaction with the environment and its inhabitants.

You can expect clean and comfy accommodation, good food, help and assistance.

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Support and guidance

You will travel under the wing of a trained and experienced team who will provide full support, safety and comfort, 24/7. The places where we will stay overnight have been selected on the basis of comfort and atmosphere. To enhance the experience, you will sleep several nights in our Nomadic Camp along the way. Your own comfy tent, complete with a double bed, will be ready on arrival. Your luggage will have been delivered, the campfire glowing in our ‘lounge under the stars’, drinks are being served – these are nights to remember!

Everything has been thought of en route as well: the routes have been tried and tested and a 48-hour reconnaissance car drives ahead. We arrange picnic lunches in open meadows, and excursions in the vicinity. Most importantly, we can solve all sorts of technical problems too and our tech team is capable of repairing cars on the road.

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