pre war and classic car rally

Mission & Vision



Our Mission & Vision

Of course, the first aim is to give our guests an unforgettable experience. To show them the unknown and very beautiful parts of the world. To drive on the most exciting roads. To enjoy local food and wines, to get acquainted with other cultures, places, people.

The latter we find very important and we take it very literally: our road trips are encounters. Encounters with which we want to connect people. With each other and with the world. To connect the past with the future. To connect the travels with historic cars with an idea of a better future.

Dreamers? Sure that is what we are. However, sometimes out of dreams very beautiful things occur. Things that work. Things that count. The Jules Verne Experience is a great example of that.

Celebrate the Past with an Eye on the Future. That is the motto that we give to our travels. Are you going to dream and travel with us?


“Touring the most beautiful roads at our ease.”